Islam Mean Peace

People keep telling me that Islam is a religion of peace, but after I looked at it for myself, I was sad and disappointed at what I found.

All I can see is Islam being connected to unrestrained and uncontrollable evil that is tearing this world and it's people apart.

Radical Muslim men have defined Islam as being a great religion for men only; with what they think their reward in heaven will be like. With 72 virgins and sex for all eternity.

Their women are covered up from head to toe, oppressed and not equal to the men; as many are kept back from getting an education and so on. The men can have several wives, and if the woman ever shows interest in another man she could be punished or killed under Sharia Law. If her man brings in several wives and does not love her anymore, she could be in big trouble. I never hear of a paradise for Muslim women.

From what I learned from some parts of the world the women of Islam are always at a state of suffering for their faith, at the hands of the men that rule over them. There is the terrible genital mutilation, many young girls are destroyed because of honor killings and some are punished or killed under Sharia Law because of the smallest accusations; which many times are false.

It is a male driven religion where more and more of their men are becoming radicals. They are doing terrible and unimaginable evil in the name of Islam.

In the Mid East and other parts of the Muslim world there is massive sexual abuse of women and children, young girls and boys. Massive cases of women and children living a life of torture as sex slaves. Women and girls kidnapped and forced into marriage etc.

The people in the world with power are making wars in some Muslim nations and as a result; they have created a refugee crisis.

Many Muslin nations ( Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates ) refused to accept their own people; which are Muslim refugees.

The European nations and other parts of the world are now being forced to accept those Muslin refugees.
What we are seeing is mostly strong young men of fighting age that are flooding into these European nations by the millions; like an army.

The European people hear that Islam is a religion of peace, so they welcome the Muslim refugees with open arms, and now they are seeing that most of these Muslims that they thought they rescued, are not there for peace.

Europe is in trouble right now; it's getting worse, and it is too late to turn back. The people are starting to realize that they have let in a massive amount of radical Muslim men who seem to be there to conquer them instead of living in peace.

They have been using rape as a form of there Jihad/Holy War. The European women are not dressed the way they think they should be dressed with the Hijab and Burka, so in their teaching about dealing with Infidel women; they feel like they have the right to both physically and sexually abuse women if they desire to, and they have been doing that a lot and getting away with it.

Since the forces Muslim immigration started there have been over a million European women and children that have been raped and sexually assaulted.

Women are under attack everywhere ( Sweden, Germany, England, Switzerland, Austria, Finland and more ). It's like a coordinates effort by Muslim men to break Europe with rape.

Most of these young men travel in groups and it is usually a gang rape of several men on one woman. I heard about a horrible case of a 25 man gang rape of a little white girl in England who was younger than 16 years old.
The Taharrush Rape game is being used to trap women in crowds of Muslim men while they feel on the women, rip their cloths off and abuse them in the crowd. Sometimes if help doesn't come or the women do not get away then they are gang raped by many men.

When they arrest these criminals it is hard to prosecute them because they have refugee status and are seeking political asylum.

There is a media blackout/cover up and they are not warning and telling their own people or the world what is really going on. The Government seems to be holding Europe down while radical Muslim criminals get to do what ever they want to do with the people.

European men are ganged up on and beaten up by groups of Muslim men as well, and sometimes have their women taken away and abused.

These same evil criminal men are quick to talk about their Sharia Law.
If someone steals they want to cut the hand off. Which part of them should be cut off for raping women and children?

( I revealed all of this truth about Islam and I didn't even get into information about the other criminal Muslim elements like ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Hezbollah, Taliban, terrorism and how this religion of peace is going about killing people that are not Muslim and people who will not convert. This is genocide, and we will take a look at this at a later time. )

People tell me to read the Quran to get a better understanding, but all of the evil that is going on with the radical Muslims and the terrorist groups; they are using their Quran to justify it.

Radical Islam is being used to bring this world to an end.