Jesus Loves You

Jesus Loves You….This I Know

Jesus Loves You. . . This I Know

First off, let me say I am a big fan of Craig Gross and the [...]! I love what they are doing and how they are living life. So of course I was going to read this book...

"Jesus Loves You..." is a simple book, and I mean that in the best way possible. The authors take you on a journey of how and why Jesus makes such a difference in their life and why they believe He would make a difference to you.

These guys are more than just words though, they actually live it. As Craig puts it "So, as you read this book, don't assume that because two pastors wrote it, we are your typical Sunday morning TV preachers. We aren't. We spend most of our time outside the church with unchurched people. We don't care if they are people who can't pay their cable bill or people who perform for videos that show up on late-night cable." These guys are actually out in community, out with real people of all thoughts and lifestyles - with the kind of people Jesus got criticized for hanging out with. Especially in Craig's case, where the church often does either nothing with sex or pornography in hopes that by not talking about it that it will just go away - or they go they other way and constantly preach sermons berating people about it, ostracize and kick people out who struggle or reveal a hint of struggle, but never engage and help the men (and women) who are fighting through it.

Jesus Loves You - This book is about how deeply Jesus loves everyone and the examples in Craig and Jason's lives of how God is working that out through them and their ministries. The book though is certainly not one of "everything is all good and do whatever you feel like doing", but it is about loving people where they are at and hoping that someday people will see the love and grace that Jesus offers - and let it into their lives.

"Doesn't matter what you do or who you are: Jesus. Loves. You." (page 16)

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